Tuesday, October 29, 2002

I am: happy to be me :)
I think: I have the greatest friends
I know: that I am very blessed and fortunate
I want: to go on a shopping spree
I have: two fishies in a bowl on my desk
I wish: that I never had to clean their bowl...*sigh*
I hate: mean people
I miss: summer
I fear: that people I care about don't know how strongly I feel about them
I feel: a little bit sore in my back and my neck
I hear: the T.V. playing downstairs
I smell: like fruity lotion
I crave: chocolate
I search: for things I want to learn about online
I wonder: what will happen in the future
I pretend: that I'm tall by wearing 3 inch heels
I regret: but I know that I shouldn't because you can't change the past
I love: the "I Remember" song on the Hallmark commercials
I long: to have a happy family one day
I care: about how others feel
I always: listen to music when I play on the computer
I am not: ready to go to bed yet.
I believe: in Jesus Christ
I promise: to keep my promises
I dance: when I am happy :)
I sing: in the shower and in the car
I cry: when someone hurts my feelings
I am not always: right
I fight: sometimes when it isn't necessary
I write: long letters
I try: to apologize whenever I am wrong
I never: can hear my 5 alarm clocks in the morning
I confuse: myself
I listen: to a friend in need
I can usually be found: online
I hide: from the boogie monster
I am scared: of cats and mice
I need: a hug
I expect: people to be polite to me when I am polite to them
I should: wash my car
I still: think about the funny moments that tickle me when I think about them
I already: fed my fish

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Arun said...

Great :-) 42 I's