Monday, October 05, 2009

stuff that makes me smile

I found an old email I sent myself back in 05' titled, "stuff that makes me smile".  Reading through this list brought back a huge rush of memories, smiles, and a little pang realizing how fast time has flown by.

I can't remember half of the stuff I wrote down here, but they obviously meant a lot to me at the time, that of all moments, I chose to write them down.

If you were a part of my life during this probably recognize a few of these.
Frappuchino Head
Ghetto dance videos (Denise, Joie, me)
Dan - "I'm too sexy"
The 'feet' smell at Tine's desk
Breaking out singing the Gummi Bears theme song during a meeting
"Bing Bing"
The bathroom 'incident' in Hollywood
Bertrand jumping at landmarks in LA
Surprise party
heart necklace from Bertrand
Human foosball
CW's Brittney phone ring, and dancing in our seats (me, cw, tine)
Goldman's kids
Groping our way through the pitch black theatre to find a seat for Anchorman
Elbowing Steve in the face
Jason's dirty dance
Tine's booger flicking
Silly moose
Bus dance
Tine's sesame pimple
Getting stuck in the elevator
Revo cable
Cord on the ear during meeting
da proof of da pudding is in da eatin
Not matching
Gr8 Sax
Funny bone - hairy palm
He's a normal person Kimmy, he just likes to do math
HOT jumpsuit
Pummelos on the freeway
Free is free

It was so nice to find this list and actually made my Monday morning a little bit better.

I'm going to reinstate my "stuff that makes me smile" list for a rainy day.  It's always good to add a smile to your day.


Graham said...

Haha, some of those are on my list, too, like Gummi Bears, and Goldman's kids. Here's another one from I think the same time period: "So, it's moronic, but not without precedent."

kimbalina said...

i don't remember what "Goldman's kids" was you?? And I only vaguely remember the one you just added.

Graham said...

The "moronic" one was just from an overheard phone conversation that cracked me up. Here's what I have in my smile file under the heading "Goldman's Dream Family":

Kimmy had a dream that Goldman had two kids but his wife had died. The next day, we saw him from the habitrail, walking to work. Kimmy remarked that he looked kind of sad, and said "he's probably thinking about his dead wife."


nicolieliz said...

oh, memories. such good times and more to come! you missed an important one though: "how do they do it?" :) we need to start adding a little more detail to all these little things so we can actually remember what they mean years from now! you should take a pic of the plaque i made you so i can work on deciphering some more of them.

kimbalina said...

omg. hahaha!!

I am so glad you wrote that down. I remember now!

The 'feet' smell at Tine's desk was a mug of molded tea. Every day I came into work and said it smelled like 'feet' and nobody believed me until we found this grodey mug!

Tine's sesame pimple = She ate a sesame bagel and had a seed stuck on her face. I thought it was a pimple.

Christine Songco said...

omgoodness i totally forgot we sang gummi bears at a blogger mtg... and then graham ends up playing it for the folks who had no idea what we were singing...

human fooseball - wasnt that at goog picnic? there was an actual life sized game with a soccer ball and you guys were velcro'ed in as the players?

CW's brittney ringtone - "Toxic" we gave CW shet forever coz he'd forget to leave it on silent and Toxic would come on, leaving me and you dancing in our seats in 40..

Anchorman... groping for seats? was this one of the post kickball movies when we didn't get to make the guys see princess diaries?

elbowing papa steve - in your car yo uwere driving and both of you were turned around talking to me.. then u both turn around at the same time and u happen to elbow him at the same time

Goldman's dirty dance - he'd walk into the room in like seated position (dunno how to describe this) as he's dancing and you're like ewww that's a dirty dance..something like that!

getting stuck in the elevator - how did i find out about this? i remember u were talking to marty through the whole thing... where was i?

HOT jumpsuit? ooooh i remember that picture from u guys outlet shopping or something

so you forgot puppy farts, me talking to the toilet (yes i'm incriminating myself), you and rie forgetting i took a zillion pics of you guys from ski trip, .. or wait..are we only sticking to '05? i'm so just thinking of our crazy moments...

kimbalina said...

this was just a list that i had sent myself in 05'.

for my *new* list i will definitely be adding the toilet talking and the ski trip boa pics.

nicolieliz said...

i love that even tine remembers the jumpsuit!! and yes, that was from an outlet trip.

gr8 sax - an old couple's license place. we couldn't decide whether this was an innuendo or if we were just making one. at the very same light, there was a car with half a baseball or tennis ball on the back windshield and i could not for the life of my understand how they put that on there... little did i know they made decals like that.

ooh. do you remember when your coworker whistled at us in the car and we were so freaked out because we thought it was some random creepy guy that may or may not have been following us?