Monday, October 05, 2009

just being a boy

My little man loves to crawl in tiny impossible spaces.  He can freely roam throughout his large play area and crawl around with his sister and explore the many toys strewn about, yet he always prefers to take the smaller more difficult route.  He loves to go "offroading" and doesn't really care too much about how he gets long as he does.  So whatever is in his way, he will crawl over, under, or through it.  My little princess on the other hand is a dainty little perfectionist and has to do what she does the "right" way otherwise, she would rather wait.  If they want to reach a toy and I am in the way, Kylie will crawl around me.  Brendan will either crawl over me, or push me over, so that he can get where he needs to go.  One time, my dad was visiting and laying on the floor on his side with the kids, resting his head in his hand.  Brendan crawled through that hole between my Dad's head and the ground.

His adventurous attitude and affinity for small spaces is usually quite entertaining and fun to watch him just be a boy.  It does sometimes get him in trouble though...


Dawn said...

Wayyyy too CUTE!! Boys are the funniest, I swear... love your blogs Kimmy and your babies are gorgeous!!

Hannah said...

hi chi kimmy!
awww, little brandon is so cute! it made me laugh, so i showed it to my mom, and it made her laugh, too.