Tuesday, October 13, 2009

sometimes a girl just needs some hot chocolate

It is pouring rain outside and the wind is gusting.  Perfect weather for rain boots and hot chocolate.  So I went to the kitchen at work this morning to get some hot chocolate but it was all on the top shelf and I couldn't reach it.  I thought about waiting and coming back later when the kitchen would be hustling and bustling and a person not as vertically challenged could help me, but the sudden need for hot chocolate came over me.  It is cold and rainy...and I need it.  It was still early so nobody came to my rescue to help with this sudden urge I had to consume large quantities of piping hot chocolate. 

I reeeeached with no luck. I tried jumping and slowly hitting the box towards me with each jump.  The other part of this plan (the rain boots) prevented me from having my usual hops.  I found a plastic knife on the counter and tried using that to somehow push the box towards me.  When finally...with a combination of all of these things and some mad stretching skills on my part, I got my hot chocolate. Woohoo!

Back at my desk, I happily sipped on my well earned cup of hot chocolate while I told Bertrand about my adventures in acquiring it.

That was when my wonderful hubby asked me why I didn't just pull up a chair to get it.


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