Monday, August 24, 2009

Look Ma! No hands!

Every day, my babies learn something new. Every day is a new adventure or a funny moment. This weekend I was teaching them how to play with stacking cups. My little man crawled over to me and laid on his back looking up at me. I told him..."don't move" and then doing a near impossible task for an 8-month old, my little man stayed very very still. I then stacked three cups on his head as he balanced it while we both giggled (and he still kept them balanced!). Finally, I was laughing too hard and he caught the case of mommy's giggles that the little tower tumbled over...and he crawled away to a new adventure.

Look Ma! No hands!

Next...Mommy will teach me to juggle.


ThomasHan said...

so gotta put that on his resume! :-) very cool...

Debbie said...

he's so cute and talented! I am very excited to see him juggle!! :)

Hannah said...

hi chi kimmy !
okay about the tamagotchi thing.
aww , is that little brandon ? he looks exactly like chu bertrand.[;