Monday, August 24, 2009


I left a pair of flip-fops at work in case of emergency. You know, a foot emergency. When your feet just can't handle being in those cute pair of heels anymore. Since they flip-flops were only for "emergencies", I didn't want to leave a cute pair. What if I wanted to wear the cute pair but they were stuck at work? So I left a pair of my knock-off flip-flops I bought off a street vendor in Vietnam for 50 cents. They say "abibas". My abibas shoes are awesome and are the ultimate ghetto footwear. Perfect in case of emergency since I won't miss them or be wearing them on a daily basis as cute foot attire.

Little did I know...or really think through...that a foot emergency happens just about every other day. So these special abibas shoes make a constant appearance at work. So much so, that I've just gotten used to them and their comfort and slip them on when I get to work. I was blinded by comfort.

Then, one day I happened to mention my emergency shoes to my friend who decided that after my fur-lined crocs...this was strike two and that I am on my way to a shoe intervention from my girlfriends. (When did I become that girl?)

The other week I was wearing abibas around the office when one of my guy friends looks down at my feet and says, "what are you wearing?"

Man...I guess it's time for some new emergency shoes.

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Christine Songco said...

i knew we should have gotten the guys to ok the blogger slippers swag we would talk about back in the day! those would be so cooool =P