Monday, August 10, 2009

get a map already, dude

I met up with my good ole' pal and buddy Tine for lunch today over at know, where I worked and practically lived for 5 years. After chatting on the phone, we agreed to meet in front of Building 46, "in front of that dude". I told her I was a minute away and she said she was heading out of the building.

So I got there....parked in front of the robot "dude" and sat waiting for my friend to make her quick exit to my car. 10 minutes later....where is Tine? I thought she was on her way out? So I looked around and thought maybe she had to stop at the bathroom on the way down or got caught by someone in the hall. Finally...15 minutes after saying we'd meet "in a minute", she calls me and says "I'm on the corner of Charleston and Huff". That means nothing to me. "Umm...I am in front of 46...I don't see you" Then she looks around and says, "Where?? I don't see you. I'll go find you."

"Oh, I'm right by the robot dude."

"That's Building 44!"

Dude. We are dorks.

Word to the wise. Do not give directions to others using the word "dude".

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Christine Songco said...

haha i still laugh at when B said 'how come you keep using the word DUDE' and then you blamed me. We're getting old DUDE. =P