Monday, February 11, 2008

Neighborhood Kiddies

With the break in the rain after a few weeks and a nice sunny weekend, it seemed like everyone in our court was out to enjoy the weather. After pruning my roses out back and trimming back a few trees, I pulled out the cars for a long overdue car wash. I took Toby & Max out front to enjoy the weather too while I washed.

I love living in my suburban cul-de-sac with all the little kiddies and families out. All the neighborhood kids were out in their big wheels and motorized mini jeeps. The kids provide an endless amount of entertainment.

The following events/conversations took place while I was washing the cars:

Little Boy: Hey! Let's go play with Max and Toby!
All the kids rush over
Other little boy: Fine! Go play with the dogs and don't play with your best friend!
Storms into the house


Several of the kids were playing in our garage, tetherball style, with the hanging ping-pong ball I use to know when to stop my car while parking.
Dad: What are you doing??? Get out!
Little Boy: It's okay...she doesn't mind.


Little Girl: I don't like Max because he's too jumpy. I only like them if they are old and trained. But I like this one. What is his name?
Me: That's Toby.
Little Girl: Toefee?
Me: Toby. Sounds like bee
Little Girl: Oh okay. Toefee. Toefee and Max.


Running around my car while I am scrubbing and washing.

Three boys: Spray us! Ah!!! Don't spray us!

It took a lot of self control to keep the hose pointed at the cars.


A little girl decided that she would have a seat out on the curb in front of my house, take off her jacket, shoes, and socks and splash in the water coming through the gutter....the dirty water I just used to wash my cars.

Mom: What are you doing??? That is dirty water! There is brake dust and oil in there.
Little Girl: It's okay. I don't mind.
Mom: Well I mind and I'm your mother! Get over here right now!

So the little girl picks up her things and starts to walk barefoot across the court. Does a quick turnaround to smile at me where I can see that her white skirt and white tshirt are now stained black from the grease.

Mom: Look at you! You just ruined your clothes.

Then she opens the door to the house and screams in to her husband, "We've got a problem!"

Oh the joys of neighborhood kids.

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mikelanza said...

I *love* your "slice of life* in your cul-de-sac! I run a family of online communities devoted to getting kids outside playing called Playborhood. It sounds like you live in a real Playborhood! I can tell you that many, many parents are *starving* for places like yours.