Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Just want to be close to you

When we drive the dogs around in the car, they both always start on either side of the car. But as the drive continues on, Max scoots a little closer to Toby inch by inch. Max really loves Toby. He loves to follow him around, tease him, and wrestle.

Toby also loves Max...but he needs his personal space. So as Max inches closer and closer to Toby, Toby gives him little side glances.

Usually this results in two dogs squished side-by-side against the door on one side of the car, and the rest of the backseat completely empty.

On this particular ride, Max squished Toby to the point where he had nowhere to sit or stand. So what did Toby do? He sat ON TOP of Max.

Both were content with this decision.

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