Sunday, July 29, 2007

Weekend full of friends

My entire weekend was jam packed full of fun activities, good times, and good friends.

Friday afternoon, we had the Google Picnic at Shoreline Amphitheatre. It was the usual Google fun. My loud and crazy cheers during Google Idol resulted in a raspy voice for a short while.

Google Picnic 2007

Google Picnic 2007

Right after the picnic, Bertrand and I fought traffic and went to the Chris Tomlin concert. So amazing. Wow.

Chris Tomlin

Saturday morning, after playing with my dogs, Toby & Max, we met up with some friends and went to another picnic at Ardenwood Farms.

Ardenwood Farms

After some picnic'ing, we headed to Costco to buy some necessities and a lot of non-necessities, DSW for some major shoe shopping, and then some Tapioca drinks, before driving to Stanford to see the premier of Adina's Deck!

Adina's Deck Premiere

After saying goodbye to our friends who we'd spent all day with, we headed to San Jose for a housewarming party with another group of friends. Some sangria, good conversation, and wii ended the night on a great note.

After a nice morning at church, our good friends came over to spend the afternoon with us catching up, playing with the kids, billiards, and of course...Guitar Hero.

hello there!

What a fun fulfilling weekend.

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John MacAdam said...

I really enjoyed finding out that a Googler goes to church! And I also love Chris Tomlin! Great post!