Friday, July 20, 2007

Swag Experiment Results

So...nothing happened.


Nobody noticed. For four days in a row, I wore the same shirt but in different colors: blue, red, yellow, and green. My "experiment" wasn't exactly scientific.

My theory on what happened:
  • It's so normal to wear Google clothing at work, that there was nothing "out of the ordinary" about it.
  • I didn't see the same people every day. I had different meetings each day so saw different people on most days.
  • People noticed but didn't say anything. They are all probably talking with each other wondering, "What is wrong with this girl?" Or, it could be Jen's theory where people think I just bought a house so can't afford to buy clothes and only wear Google clothes.
Regardless, it's over. I can go back to having a little more variety in life and appreciating my swag on the rare occasions.


Anonymous said...

I need to get a few more Google swag shirts or blogger shirts.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they all read your blog, so there wasn't a suprise.

mishijishi said...

What a funny experiment :) I think you should keep it up for as long as possible and see how long it takes for people to notice. We wear the free swag all the time, so on a given day, we don't notice it.