Friday, July 06, 2007

Behind the times

One of my girlfriends, Jennifer, sent out an email the other day to a bunch of us on her discovery of the Forever Stamp. With the constant increases in prices to postage, it's hard to keep up and I always end up with the little one cent stamps flying around. I rarely send mail anymore since everything is electronic for me, so I don't hang on to many stamps. Usually I just send it through work, or steal a stamp from the hubby or parents. So when I and all the girls had this magnificent discovery of the Forever Stamp, we were blown away by its greatness.

This morning I wanted to share our discovery with Bertrand:

Me: Did you know they have this really cool thing called the Forever Stamp???
Bertrand: Yeah, we have some. Do you need some?
Me: WHAT??? I thought we just discovered them.
Bertrand: No, they've been out for awhile. I bought them at Safeway.
Me: Oh.


Jennifer said...

Thanks Bertrand for spoiling my wonderful discovery!!! I thought it was the best thing ever and that I was the "chosen one" to spread my knowledge to everyone else....Little did I know people already knew about it. =)

thomashan said...

Bertrand still didn't learn mariage rule #1?

"humor your wife"