Tuesday, June 12, 2007

furniture, toys, and shoes

Max, the snorkie
Moving into a bigger house has been exciting. There is a little more space to stretch out and some rooms that need furniture. Most of the time when I want to buy something, I ask the question, "Do I need this or want this?" Luckily for me..."new house = need" for many things. This weekend, we ordered a few of the big furniture items we needed. Another purchase I got the weekend before which I definetly like to call a "need" is my new toy, the Canon Digital Rebel Xti. Okay, fine. Really not a need compared to say...a couch, but considering how I like to take pictures of basically everything and definitely get my money's worth out of all my gadgets, this was considered an exception. My new toy has provided hours of entertainment. I'm still trying to figure out how to use it properly and all of the various functions...it has been suggested that I try reading the Owner's Manual (whaaa???).

I wonder if I could get a new pair of wedge sandals to pass as a "need". :)


Thomas said...

have BR read that for you and tell you all the functions as bed time stories =)

I know he loves to read all the manuals...

kimbalina said...

haha! funny that you say that, because he put the manual on my bedside table thinking i'd actually read it before bed.