Monday, June 18, 2007


It is really hot outside, but I brought a jacket with me wear inside.

Is something wrong with this picture when I have to bundle up and wear jackets/fleece indoors and tanktops and flip-flops outside?


LKBM said...

My dad wears a coat in the office all Summer. (Then he forgets to take it off when he goes outside.)

The thermostat is in his boss' office, which has a large, sun-facing window.

Thomas said...

I agree... I bike to work in shorts in 90 degree weather and then once in office, the jacket comes on!

imagine how much energy we could save if all the companies just turn it down by 5 degrees...

hmmm... let me drop Jobs an email now =)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kimbalina,

I have a question unrelated to your post but related to your pictures. What kind of camera did you use when you took Max's pictures on the right of your blog?

I have a Canon SD1000 and when I take indoor pictures they have a lot of noise and they're blurry. :( So I'm looking for a camera that takes great indoor pictures, and yours are great!

I know you said you recently bought a Rebel, but those pictures with Max were taken with another camera, right? Please let me know. :) TIA

kimbalina said...

Those more recent ones were taken with my Canon Digital Rebel Xti. The older ones are taken with my Canon Powershot SD550. :)