Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Moving Mishap

I was crossing my fingers that my stuff would be moved from my old desk to my new desk while I was on vacation....unfortunately but not unexpected, this did not happen. So yesterday I filed a move request to have my stuff moved to my new desk this morning. Late last night, I realized that I had marked the wrong building number on my move request. Oops! Despite this screw up, they were able to move my stuff to my new desk this morning. The person who used to sit at my desk was a contractor whose contract ended so their stuff was still sitting on the desk. The movers thought they had made a mistake and someone was already at the they moved my stuff BACK to my old desk while I went to breakfast.


So another day passes where I am homeless and my stuff is lost somewhere on the Google campus.

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Kiat said...

I basically cracked when I read the second paragraph. Not to be mean, but this is really funny!