Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Background noise

I usually have my headphones in my ears while working. Today, I came back from the gym and left them off and talked with my officemate. Suddenly...I heard a noise.

Me: Do you hear that? What is that?
Me: ...it's the toilet!
Jimmy: Yeah...that's the toilet.
Me: I thought our wall was against the shower?
Jimmy: No...that's the toilet.

We then looked up a map of the floor of our building to see that our office is right up against the wall of the men's bathroom. Nice.

However, the actual wallspace our office encompasses is where the door of the last stall is...not the toilet. So what we are hearing is the door open/close. Now if we were in the office next door...we would be against one toilet from the men's room and one from the women's.

I'll consider myself lucky.

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