Tuesday, November 21, 2006

games, shopping, friends & family = happy kimmy

fun fun fun

That was how my weekend was. From friday afternoon til' sunday evening...my weekend was jam packed with fun, friends, shopping, and relaxing. The ultimate weekend.

The On friday night, a group of our close friends came over for a night of friendly competition. We started off with some food and drinks and then jumped into a game of Catchphrase to get everyone in the "game mood". Then...we split into two teams and started a nightlong game...yes...it lasted forever...game of Trivial Pursuit DVD Pop Culture.

Normally we can't answer any Trivial Pursuit questions, but DVD Pop Culture? That was more do-able.

Unfortunately, Trivial Pursuit is a game of not just knowledge but chance. My team filled up our pie from all the various categories, but could not roll the dice on the exact number of spots we needed to win....and somehow, despite answering all the right questions...lost. What? Me? Bitter. NO..... =)

Saturday morning, my mom, cousin, and I headed to Berkeley and Emeryville for a major shopping spree. Leaving with a shopping bag full of stuff for pocketchange made me feel incredibly happy, proud, and accomplished.

Sharks vs. FlyersThen...after a scrumptious dinner with friends....we headed to the Shark Tank to see the San Jose Sharks beat the pants off of the Flyers for a 6-1 win. The whole arena was so involved in the game, cheering and screaming for the Sharks. What fun!

I ended the weekend being comfortable at home, catching up on TiVo, and folding laundry.

I love fun productive weekends.

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