Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Camera karma

I am so so very sad.

I am truly not meant to have a camera over a year. It is so sad. But true. For the past several years, without fail, when the one year mark of owning a certain camera rolls around, I somehow manage to drop and then kill the camera. The first year...I thought it was an accident. The second started to get frustrating and became a joke that I should give my camera away after owning it for about a year. This is no longer funny.

We were in the middle of taking pictures for our Christmas card when I put my camera on top of a stack of stuff for the self timer when it dropped. So now I have no camera and no Christmas card.
For Christmas, I am going to ask for a tripod...and a camera.

How is that even possible? Seriously.


nicolieliz said...

i can't believe you broke another one!

Anonymous said...

I got my first digital camera May 20, 2004.
Lost if at RHPS late October, 2004.
Got my second December 25, 2005.
It broke (dropped many times, but merely sitting on my desk when it died) around June 2005.

I'm thinking about being evil and buying another on Buy Nothing Day, but I want to try fixing the broken one first. (Canon said the warranty wouldn't cover it 'cause I'd dropped it.)

But I won't become like you. If I buy another camera, I'll figure something out so I won't drop it or lose it. Really, I will.