Monday, October 02, 2006

Splish Splash

This morning the girl I was sitting next to on the bus had a cup of Starbucks which she placed in the cupholder attached to the seat in front of her. The guy in the seat ahead of her had reclined his seat during most of the ride. As we neared the campus, he raised his seatback which in turn caused a major amount of coffee to splash out onto me and my seatmate. Our clothes were splattered and our faces were splashed with coffee. We both shouted, "WOAH" at the same time and sat up scrambling to wipe up our faces from the coffee that had somehow given us a morning wakeup call. At the wasn't very funny, but thinking about how we were both leaning back peacefully with our eyes closed and were startled by a "splash of coffee" seems so appropriate for a Monday morning.

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