Thursday, October 05, 2006

Cotton Candy Memories

Today at work, one of the cafes had food celebrating Oktoberfest. There were five different types of pretzels, bratwurst, and other items of German goodness. There was also some cotton candy. I'm not a big fan of cotton candy but I got some today to be nostalgic.

When I was a little kid, I used to beg my parents for that fluffy pink candy. Every time we were at a theme park, I would stare at the other little kids who walked around with their little heavenly pink clouds and envied them. No matter how much I begged or whined, my parents didn't give in. Then one year, my dad somehow got weak and bought me a gigantic puff of cotton candy. I was SO happy. But once I tried biting into it and eating it...realized it wasn't so great. It was just sugar and melted immediately in my mouth. My fingers got sticky. It didn't taste how it looked. So disappointed. But I had worked so hard and begged for so long, I couldn't let my parents know that they were....right....

So as I slowly struggled to eat it dad asked, "How is it? Aren't you going to finish that?"

I responded with, "Yummy. It's great! Of course I'll finish it...."

I'm not entirely sure that I did finish it. But I can say I never asked for it again.

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Eric said...

It's funny, I was looking around for some information about cotton candy and came across your blog. I posted a photo of what we call here in France, barbe à papa (daddy’s beard), and the comments have been hilarious.

Anyway, glad I came across your recount of cotton candy in America.