Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A Happy Halloween Indeed

What a fun Halloween!

I don't normally care too much about Halloween but had some fun moments this year and some memories that I'm sure will stick around for awhile.

I carved potentionally my first pumpkin ever...

Pumpkin Carving

With the help of many various people, came up with a costume idea that actually all came together. From running into a girlfriend randomly at the mall and then picking out the right pants, to running out to the military supply store with the gang and getting dog tags made to say "General Kimmy", and the finishing touch, the boots my hubby so adamantly fought for.


Then of course the annual Google Halloween Bash which, as always, was a blast. It's so fun to see so many people with such elaborate costumes. There were also a couple of random funny moments...like the outrageous "chaps", Debbie's wings getting caught on the wall as we walked down the hallway, tired smiles, and being chanted to by a random man in a hula skirt.

Then I ended the night peacefully at home handing out candy to the little kids in our neighborhood....and thankfully...this year we got more than two trick-or-treaters. My night was complete when a little toddler came to the door with a few other kids and when I exclaimed, "Curious George!" he repeated me in an even more excited voice, "Curious George!" and smiled at me as I gave him a sucker.

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debbie said...

We are sooo hot in those teeth!!
love-- Bee-rtrand