Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Just you wait

While having lunch, we started talking about the different cultural traditions. Some of the girls were talking about how sometimes Indian weddings can take place in the middle of the night or at some odd time because of what the astrologers determine as a good time. They mentioned, that sometimes you have to wait until the time is right. Then one of the guys said, "Yes, isn't it the same way with naming babies?" What I heard was, "Isn't it the same way with babies?" I thought about this for a second thinking of a pregnant lady ready to give birth, but waiting for a good day to do it, and in a completely shocked and amazed voice said, "How do you wait???"

Now that would be some amazing talent and discipline.


nicolieliz said...

i find it really funny that you posted that, esp. seeing as how you are the one who doesn't like to hear people say "we're trying to get pregnant" ... since in your translation, it means "we're having a lot of unprotected sex"

kimbalina said...

What the heck. Get your mind out of the gutter Nicole. Wait on giving birth!!! The baby is already there ready to come out. We are talking about birthdays!

Apparently I was not clear enough... =)

Garsen Subramoney said...

I had to re-read you blog to make sure I did not mistake what you thought you heard. But then again, this might explain why so many of my female relatives are angry :)

Anonymous said...

That's how nick name is generated... till the time you give name to your baby u will give your baby a nicek name :) ..