Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Another year older

Kimmy & SylvesterI celebrated my birthday this weekend in full kimmy-fashion and had a jam packed weekend of friends, family, and fun. Saturday morning, we went to Six Flags Magic Mountain to enjoy the use of our season passes. We jumped on a bunch of rollercoasters, screamed, shouted, and had our little tummies doing somersaults. After our stomachs called it quits on us, we went and enjoyed the more low key activities.

Bumper BertrandWe re-lived our younger days and jumped in some bumper cars where we chased each other and a bunch of little kids around in circles to bump the living daylights out of each other. Then we headed to the carnival games where to my delight, I won (kicked major booty) and got myself a little purple tiger who I named "Purrdy". After a few carnival games, we went into the arcade and played some air hockey. There was much cheering and screaming and I again narrowly brought home the prize and won (muahaha). Bertrand says he "let" me win because it was my birthday, but really...we all know the truth.

After a fun filled morning, we headed out and had a nice lunch then embarked on one of my favorite activities...shopping. We (I) had a very successful shopping trip, checked into our hotel, cleaned up, then headed out for dinner before going to Tim McGraw & Faith Hill's Soul2Soul tour. Faith is absolutely gorgeous and I love Timmy! What an awesome entertainer. The two of them singing together ended the night on a beautiful note filled with music and love.

I welcomed the new year of my life by stuffing myself completely with food. I ate funnel cake for breakfast, had all-you-can eat seafood for dinner with my family and then also somehow managed to eat some more cake.

IMG_2100Monday night, a bunch of my friends got together and celebrated my birthday with me over dinner. We had some great laughs reminiscing about funny stories.

Good times...good times...


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday. Here's to another year!

kimbalina said...

Thank you. =)

Art said...

Happy Birthday!! Looks like you were at "Cheese Cake Factory"!?! :-)

ele41 said...

Happy birthday! You seem to have enjoyed your party so much. Another year older, another life to ponder.