Saturday, August 05, 2006

Girls night out!

Girls at Kelly Clarkson Concert

The girls and I went to see Kelly Clarkson play at the Shoreline Amphitheatre on Thursday. Us...along with what seemed like every parent with pre-teen girls. We sat in the lawn, fought off bugs, had a mini picnic, and rocked out to "Since You've Been Gone." What a blast.

Some notable quotes:
"I think I just swallowed a bug."
"It's on your LIP!"
"I feel like I need to pull out my phone to text too"
"I am OTC."
"I forget you don't like feet. Do you want me to cover my feet with a blanket? Cause I'm a good friend and would do that for you."
"Wow. An ambassador and a celebrity. Check us out"


sarah said...

kimbalina-- we need a girls night out again soon! that concert was fun to go to with everyone, just too bad kelly couldnt even thank us for coming (and we had to fight off evil bugs for her)!!! those funny quotes are still cracking me up too:) we def laughed a lot! let's plan a game night in your birthday honor..woohoo!

p.s. can we still get the word out to your blog followers that i am the creator of your lovely name, kimbalina????

Juliet said...

Hey Kimbalina.. I had a good time with you girls! We def need to do it more often, whenever we hang out we are bound to be laughing. Here is another good quote for you," Do you have Chapstick there too?" Wow we have known each other almost 10 years now! We are getting ollllllllldddd. I'm glad we were all able to keep in touch!

Debbie said...

Hi Ladies! I agree with everyone, we need to do this more often!