Monday, July 10, 2006

Stone Age

I have been making a lot of little trips lately and it never ceases to fail that every single time I make one of these little trips, I happen to forget something. Usually the things I forget are pretty little and I can manage without them. We made a trip to Southern California this weekend. For this trip, I was determined not to forget anything. I spent an extra amount of time while packing and put a lot of thought and effort into remembering the little things. I remembered the little "in case" things and was so proud of myself. I went through the imaginary checklist in my head and was excited.

As we were driving down to LA it suddenly hit me everything I had forgotten. I forgot some major necessities that I could not do without. We had to stop at a store ten minutes before closing just to replace them. The next morning before going to Disney's California Adventures, I realized that I, the person who goes nowhere without my digital camera, had forgotten it. We ended up going out to the local drugstore and buying those point and shoot disposable cameras.

You never realize how much you are used to the convenience of technology until it is gone. Every time I took a picture, it was weird for me to actually have to look through the little hole instead of at a screen. Several times, after taking a picture, I would look at the back of the cardboard box to see what I had just taken. When taking pictures, we ended up taking two "just in case" the picture didn't turn out since we had no way of knowing. And now? Now I have to actually go process this film and get the pictures put onto CD.

How weird.

Update: I did have my trusty cameraphone and moblog though...

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nicolieliz said...

I can't believe YOU of all people forgot your camera on a trip. tsk tsk