Sunday, July 02, 2006

I ♥ the County Fair

Ferris WheelI love the fair. I used to go to the county fair every year when I was growing up and then stopped going for several years. Then a few years ago, decided that I wanted to go again. When I was younger, all I really remember about going to the fair was a lot of walking, eating funnel cakes, dying to go on the rides and win a prize from one of the game booths. Now, going to the fair is more about just enjoying the atmosphere and eating good food. We went the other night to enjoy a free concert, walk around and people-watch, eat some food that is very bad for us but oh-so-very-good, and roam the various little booths of random inventions and homemade items. Where else can you go and come home with a funnel cake, super soaking sponges, and little masking tape application helper?

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