Thursday, April 22, 2004

Random Encounters

A couple of weeks ago, I decided that I wanted to try out a local church near my house which I've never been to. During the service, I overheard someone talking behind me with a very familiar voice. When it was time to greet the people around you, I turned around to stare into the face of one of my closest friends from high school who I had lost contact with and hadn't seen for four years. We both just kind of stared at each other in shock. After graduation she just happened to move back to our hometown too and is now working for the city. I just happened to sit in front of her at a church of hundreds of people that I'd never been to.

Last night while checking my work email, I got an email from someone I used to be close to but who chose to stop speaking to me once I started dating. We hadn't spoken to each other in about a year, and he emailed me last night to tell me that he had a dream about me and missed me. What the heck? Missed me after hating me for a year?

The other day a friend from my golf class in Davis and I got back in touch with each other and arranged to have lunch together today. We caught up on the past 10 or so months and it was really nice.

I wonder who I'm going to run into next.

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