Monday, April 26, 2004

City of Angels

My 'litul bro' turned 20 this weekend and I went down to L.A. to visit and celebrate the weekend with him. We arrived in L.A. Friday evening and left Sunday afternoon. In less than two days, we stuffed about four days of activities into it. We toured parts of Hollywood, had brunch in Westwood, visited the 'Festival of Books' hosted on the UCLA campus, went to the Ghetty, enjoyed the nightlife in Old Town Pasadena, and I even spotted Frankie from The Real World.

I learned that I am not a very 'discreet' person. When I attempted to be sly about telling the waitress that it was my brother's birthday, instead made it seem that I was pointing at Bertrand. The whole crowd of servers came singing to our table and addressed the wrong guy! Bertrand's plate ended up being decorated beautifully with writing and candles while my brother's plate was a plain white plate like the rest of us. There were also a couple of other very embarrassing and funny moments that happened that I am not yet brave enough to share. This weekend was a blast and will continue to laugh and smile every time I think about some of the memorable 'accidents' that happened.

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