Wednesday, April 14, 2004

California Dreamin'

The other night I couldn't fall asleep and just lay awake in bed until 3AM. I ended up turning on one of my CDs and turning my stereo to sleep mode and finally fell asleep. When I did fall asleep, I had the most vivid dream. I dreamt of my own wedding.

We were in the reception hall which was beautifully and elegantly decorated. There were tables along the sides of the room and a large dance floor in the middle. At one of the tables, I remember seeing Tine with a guy, Jason and Allison. The DJ announced us as the new couple and we walked into a room full of cheers and applause and then we had our first dance. During our first dance, I remember Bertrand looking at me and then we both teared up because we were so happy.

I went to Bertrand's coworker's wedding this past weekend. It was so touching to watch a couple so in love. I think having been to this wedding this past weekend stuck in my head and may be the reason why I was dreaming of another wedding. It's funny how dreams can be so telling about what is going on in our subconscious. I'm never really sure if a dream is your mind continuing to think about something subconsciously or if it is just a culmination of random things that you see throughout your day. I don't usually take my dreams too seriously or look into the meaning of it all, but it's still interesting to think of nonetheless.

Tine had a dream about her future kids and actually saw their faces in her dream. Wouldn't that be so weird/neat if my wedding ended up being like how I had dreamt and if her kids end up being twin boys with the same faces that she dreamt of?