Sunday, February 02, 2003

Frappucino Head

You know when those moments when something so funny or bizarre happens that you know you'll never ever forget? One of these moments happened about two years ago that I will never forget. I only wish that someone else had been there to witness this unforgettable and hysterical moment....

It was finals week of the spring quarter of our sophomore year and we were all stressing and cramming together in the Fountain Circle study lounge. Denise, Adam, Justin, and I had our books sprawled out across the table and were studying in silence in the loft. As a little study break, Adam and Denise went to Starbucks to get some frappucinos. When they got back, Denise went back to our apartment to gather up a few of her things, and Adam came back to where Justin and I were studying. Justin and I were sitting on opposite sides of the table facing each other, and he was engrossed in his Anthro book. Adam, in the meantime was pacing back and forth behind Justin holding his Venti Frappucino and talking to me. Then it happened....somehow while Adam was doing his pacing back and forth, the completely full frappucino slipped out of his and dropped to the floor, while the entire contents of what was inside of the cup bounced up into the air and landed perfectly on Justin's head. I will never forget the look on Justin's poor face as he looked up at me with frappucino dripping down the side of his face. He looked so sad. There he was reading away at his textbook when out of nowhere a full frappucino lands on his head. I immediately fall out of my chair onto the floor laughing and tried to regain my breath, while Adam freaked out and started apologizing profusely. Adam ran around in little circles trying to find something to wipe the frappucino on Justin's head with and then when he realized that there was nothing in that room aside from our papers and books, he proceeded to take off his shirt so that he could wipe up the mess. :)

Ohhhhhh....what a memory. I mean, what are the chances of not only dropping the frappucino, but then having it bounce up from the ground and then landing on someone's head. LOL. What I would give to have had a video camera that day, or even to have someone else there to witness all of this with me.

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