Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Stinky Stinky Engineers

There are always stereotypes out there for certain groups of people that are not always true. Engineers for example, are stereotyped as nerdy, stinky, and dorky in general. I am pleased to testify that not all engineers are like this. A lot of my engineering friends are actually very cool and not totally dorky. ;) heehee. They shower at least once a day and change their clothing about that much also. So why then I ask, is there this stereotype of stinky dirty engineers? There is always that ONE engineer, who feels no need to shower nor bathe in any manner, but only spend their time doing who knows what....playing computer games? In my Operating Systems class, there is this one guy who has no care for personal hygiene.

The chairs in Olson Hall where our lectures are held, have the capability of leaning really far back. This guy...let's call him "Flaky" for the heck of it. Anyways, Flaky sat in the row ahead of me directly in front of me. Flaky felt the need to sprawl out in his chair and lean back as far as possible. His head was literally a millimeter away from touching my chest and not only did he feel the need to lean back, but he stretched his arms out also which practically knocked me in the head. As if this leaning back and invading my space not annoying enough, this guy decided that he would take of his 'leather bourree' that he wears daily, for a bit, and it was nearly a snowstorm with all of the flakes that came flying from his head. I nearly gagged, so afraid that a flake would fall on me. Luckily that experience didn't last very long and lecture was over. Anyways, yesterday, in lecture he came into class later than the rest of us and where does he decide to sit but the row ahead of me again!!! Not only did he take off his bourree again to reveal the massive amounts of flakes underneath, but this time it was sooo much worse. He pulled out this little comb and began combing his head and scratching it at the same time. As if that wasn't bad enough, he would comb out the flakes and then PLAY with them and even SMELL them. *gag* Ok c'mon....that is just plain gross. I couldn't concentrate on the lecture at all but was instead concentrating on not getting any flakes on myself. After about 20-30 minutes of this combing, scratching, playing, smelling....Flaky stopped for a second. I thought that he was done scratching his flake-filled head....but no, he paused only to get in his "question of the day" to the professor, trying to stump the professor as usual. Then Flaky leaned down and started unstrapping his ROLLERBLADES and took them off in the middle of class. Like the smell of his stinky body wasn't bad enough.... He pulled out his little Palm and played with his schedule. Then he tried to be sly, and started using the little pointer thing for the Palm to scratch his head! By the end of lecture I was gagging and trying to get as far away from his as possible and into the fresh air.

Apparently I wasn't the only one who witnessed this whole scene, but also my friends in the row behind me AND the row behind that....haha. The professor must have been wondering why the whole right side of the class wasn't taking notes that day. Flaky, please do us a favor and take a shower. Head and Shoulders once a week will get rid of those flakes.

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