Monday, October 14, 2002

Trapped in The Room

I went home this past weekend to my parent's house. It's always nice to be home. While I am away, my room poses as a guestroom for my parent's occasional friends who come through. This was such the case this past week and a friend of my mom's had stayed at our house and in my room. I hadn't had a chance to wash the sheets yet when I returned home, and was too exhausted friday night to bother so I had decided on sleeping in my brother's empty room. After taking a shower I went into the room and closed the door. I was not yet ready for bed, still had to go to the bathroom, and had no pillow. When I turned around to accomplish all of these tasks, I realized that the doorknob was BROKEN!!! I was trapped! And I had to go pee....and it was 2:30AM! Ah! So sitting there contemplating what I should do...I decided that I would tough it out and go to bed and try to sleep away the need to go pee. It was 2:30 in the morning and I really didn't want to disturb my parent's peaceful sleep with my knocking on the door and screaming for help. So lying in bed (with no pillow) my mind started wandering...and I started thinking about what if this...what if that...what if there is a will I get out. And then...the sweating started and the breathing slowed down. I really was about to have a panic attack being trapped in the little room. So I closed my eyes, prayed, and went to sleep. I woke up to my mom knocking on the door and half asleep I screamed out from my bed..."I'm TRAPPED!" I heard my mom wiggling the door and unable to open it she called out for my dad, who also attempted to open the door. I just stayed in bed mumbling about how I was stuck and that I had to go pee. My dad asked me to come over to the door and help him wiggle the door so that we could get it open. I sat at the door talking to my parents while wiggling the doorknob popped OPEN! Yay for daddy! :)

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