Wednesday, May 06, 2009


The other week while I was out in our backyard, I pointed out some overgrown bushes we have in our yard to Bertrand and asked him if he could trim them down. They are beautiful miniature rose bushes, but the thorns are deadly and I am constantly being stabbed by them when I walk past that area of the yard. I told him that eventually, we'd have to do something about those bushes since I was afraid of what they would do to the twins once they started walking around. Bertrand asked me how low I wanted them trimmed and I used my hand and kind of showed him how high I wanted them to come, then went inside the house to tend to the babies. A little bit later, I looked out the window to see what my newly trimmed rose bushes looked like...

Wait...WHERE are my rose bushes?

Where three of the bushes used to be, stood little bundles of...twigs.

Oh my goodness.


"Hun! What happened to the bushes?"

"I thought you wanted them trimmed down?"

"Trimmed...not chopped"

What a thoughtful husband I have. Now I will definitely not be stabbed by the thorns on those darn least for awhile.

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