Wednesday, May 06, 2009

isn't it obvious?

My twin babies weren't born with very much hair. They've both got just enough to cover their heads but it will probably take awhile before any flowing locks of hair are blowing in the wind.

When we go out in public, I try to dress them up in the "typical" girl/boy outfits and colors just so it is obvious which is the boy and which is the girl. I put my little lady all in pink, with a little bow on her head, and occasionally a dress and my little man all in blue. And never ceases to fail, that at some point, somebody will stop us and ask...

"Twins!! Two boys? Two girls?"

"A boy and a girl."

"Oh! How perfect! Which one is the boy and which one is the girl?"

"Um. The one in the pink dress with the bow is the girl. The one in blue is the boy."

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