Sunday, November 02, 2008

trick-or-treat, give me something good to eat

Halloween 2008

One of the great parts about living in family friendly suburbia is all the cute little kids that run around and say little cute kid things and do cute little kid things. This also means...a lot of kids coming to your house trick-or-treating for Halloween. I prepared my usual giant bucket of candy as I do every year and filled it with three giant warehouse store bags of candy.

This was the first year in 6 years where I haven't dressed up for Halloween. Sorry folks. This year, for Halloween, I decided to just be a pregnant woman. BUT...I did wear an orange shirt and Halloween socks.

Before the sun even set, little princesses and frogs and witches and superheros started ringing our doorbell. And soon? It was almost pointless to even shut the door because swarms and swarms of children were flocking through the neighborhood and to our house. By 7pm, we realized we were out of candy. And we had been semi-stingy not knowing how many kids would be rolling through and only gave about 2-3 pieces per kid! So Bertrand did the emergency candy run while I scrounged up some more candy from my own personal candy stash to give to the kiddies.

And poured and the rain came down, and the kids stopped coming. And somehow after buying pounds and pounds of candy and several hundred children later, I got left with some not-so-favorite candy.

Next year, maybe we'll just buy the candy aisle to be prepared. And kiddies, you can't touch my personal stash of good stuff!

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