Wednesday, November 26, 2008

choppy chop chop

I cut off 10 inches of my hair.



new do

I have never in my life had short hair...unless you count when I was a baby and it was growing to its long state.  So this was a big move for me.  But it was for a good cause so I feel happy that I was able to share my hair with someone else who needs it much more than I do.  I decided about a year ago  that I wanted to grow my hair out to donate it to cancer patients.  There are a few organizations out there and ultimately I decided to donate it to Pantene Beautiful Lengths who makes wigs out of the donated hair for women with cancer.  I know how hair can be such a great form of expression and self-image for a woman and can only imagine what it would feel like to lose all of your hair.  If you're thinking about doing it, I encourage you to find an organization and grow your hair out to donate it and make a small difference in someone's life.  After all, it will grow back..right?

So now I'm sporting a fresh new do and still getting used to it.  I keep going to touch hair and instead grab some air.  My neck is a little colder.  And taking a shower and washing my hair? That was quite the learning experience.  I know better for the next time....much much less shampoo.


Graham said...

No, no, you're doing it wrong. Short hair in the summer. Sigh. I guess you still have room to go if you decide to shave it all off. :-)

kimbalina said...

wait...i thought we could tell the seasons by YOUR hair. is it mine too?? =)

Christine Songco said...

Without Graham around me at work now, I never know what season it is! haha

Super cute haircut Kimmy! that babies are going to love it! =)

Andrea said...

Oh my God! Kimmy, hi! I was just writing a little piece about Google for my writing job, and got kind of nostalgic for Blogger, and looked on your site, and OMG you are a pregnant woman with short hair! Congrats :). My brother's wife had boy and girl twins just a couple of months ago. They are so happy with the babies, who are soooo cute. I'm sure yours will be beautiful as well. I am so happy for you!

Andrea, freezing in Boulder