Wednesday, March 26, 2008

all domesticated

The other weekend I went out into the front yard and decided I wanted to pull out some of the bushy plants and plant a bunch of flowers. The section I wanted to take on as my "project" was fairly small so I figured this would be an easy task.

Okay...first of all, what the heck was I thinking? Gardening is not easy work. I pulled out all my tools and a giant shovel and started digging around the bushes to pull them out. I somehow did not realize that plants have roots... So this task became near impossible with my wimpy arms. So I called Bertrand out to pull out these darn difficult things. Next, I got the soil ready so dug up all the existing dirt and mixed it up with my new soil. Then the planting.

I naively assumed that this seemingly simple task for this tiny piece of land would be a quick and easy job. Instead, I spent the entire afternoon out there planting about 20 bulbs and only 6 actual flowers. And then? I was sore from it for the next two days.

Real life is a lot harder than time in the gym!

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