Saturday, January 05, 2008


A couple of huge storms are pounding the Bay Area. We are California wimps so this is a big deal out here. People suddenly no longer know how to drive, everything on the news is about the weather, and people stay in afraid of going outside.

I'm not usually a fan of rain but it seems like we haven't had any good rain in a long time and no good snow in Tahoe. So this rain is making me happy. Good snow in Tahoe. Clean fresh air to breathe. The grass and plants are greener.

On the bad side...the wind was so bad and the rains so hard that one of the larger trees in our backyard fell down into our fence, lifting up some of the roots with it. It's too large for Bertrand and I to lift on our own, so while he is out getting some stakes, we are calling in some troops for backup to lift it. But is the ground too soft now from all the rain to hold it back upright? Sad. I hope not. And I loved that tree....

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