Monday, January 07, 2008

The price of going green

We've been doing our part on helping the Earth as much as we can with little things like recycling, using our Nalgene/Sigg water bottles, turning down the heat, taking the shuttle to work etc. But lately we have taken some bigger steps. We replaced all our bulbs with CFLs and now drive a hybrid car.

But this does not come without a cost. For some reason, our switches do not work well with the CFLs in our family room. Hence, in order to turn on any lights, we must go through the following steps:
  1. Turn on switch
  2. Run over to lamp
  3. Unscrew CFL bulb
  4. Screw in normal bulb
  5. Turn lamp switch a notch
  6. Run over to switch and press again
  7. Run back and unscrew normal bulb and replace with CFL before it gets too hot
Oh, the price we pay to help the earth.... :)


ThomasHan said...

wow! I'm *very* impressed! I thought we were green, but compare to you 2.

Whew, you guys put us to shame!

It is so nice to see that lots of people in the Bay Area and elsewhere too, are doing all we can to be green.

melissagodfrey said...

oh no kimmy, dont let this little setback stop you two from continuing to go green. Im so proud of both of you!!!!