Saturday, September 15, 2007

Welcome to the family, new nano

Yes, I bought another iPod.

Yes, up until this point, I and my husband owned every current model of the iPod.

Yes, I am a sucker for Apple products.

While I got the new nano, Bertrand bought the iPhone.

I am too happy and attached to my blackberry pearl to be ready for the iPhone. Plus, the kicker for me....buttons. I need buttons. I need to be able to feel what I'm doing when I'm typing/dialing/browsing. I am the master of multi-tasking so am usually dialing/texting while doing something else, so the fact that I'd actually have to look and be very careful to type using the iPhone doesn't work for me. Hear that Apple? Can I have some buttons?

I played with the iPod touch which was very cool, but didn't seem too different from the iPhone except sans phone feature, plus I am a fan of small cute things. So despite just getting a shuffle a couple of months ago, I can find more room in my heart and life for this new iPod baby.


LKBM said...


I won an MP3 player once, but sent it to my brother--then in Africa--so I'm still using a two-year-old laptop for my music.

Brian LeBars said...

Hey Kimmy...

Meliss just got me the new NANO. It's my new best friend.