Tuesday, September 18, 2007

International Translation Tee

I need this for my next trip.

Because I am usually traveling with someone (Bertrand) who knows many languages, I am fine getting by as the silent follower when needing help, directions, or (my most used one) finding a bathroom. I just stand silently on the side while he does his thing.

But now...with this shirt? I can start participating and pointing. That, I can do!


Joie Dong said...

doesn't that mean you'd have to wear it everyday? you'll be one stinky tourist! :P

kimbalina said...

I'd match the "aroma" of the locals!

haha. jk. ;)

Bertrand said...

You could just fold it up and carry it in your pocket (if you have a big enough pocket) or your bag, then whip it out when you need to communicate. =). It would be akin to carrying one of those mini travel dictionaries... only this would have a limited vocabulary and be useful if you run out of clean clothes.