Thursday, April 20, 2006

At your fingertips

Are you an American Idol fan too? I feel like after every show, I jump onto iTunes to find whatever song i liked and listen to it throughout the week. After "Queen" week on American Idol, I was listening through the greatest hits album all week. Some people teased me about it...obviously not AI fans...c'mon people! I just discovered that iTunes has a section called, "As Heard on American Idol" where it shows the songs that were sung, by who, and with the original songs listed. They even have the entire set from since the beginning of this season. Apple...with this and your one click buying, you are making this way too easy for me.


Jen said...

Woohoo American Idol! I'll be your you idol buddy and promise not to tease you about it. If only we can keep Chris on till the end! We better start dialing.

A DiG said...

WHAT?!?!? You're still an AI fan after they kicked off Sway?!?! *hrmph!* j/k Well, I won't tease you about that either... I'm sure there'll be other stuff to tease you about. Just like Bertrand and "the WALL" *hahaha - whooo! that one still makes my abs sore!*. L8R K-Rich!!