Monday, October 03, 2005

We are such foreigners

FondueWe went to a fondue house tonight for dinner. The following is the conversation between us and the server.

Server: could dip some gherkins in the cheese
Me & B: some what?
Server: gherkins
Me & B: *confused* What are gherkins?
Server: You've never had gherkins? That's interesting. They are little green pickled things...
Me & B: don't think so...
Server: *comes back from grabbing some* these things, they're like small cucumbers
Bertrand: uhm...
Me: Oh...I think we call those pickles.

Later on...

Me & B: *point at menu* Could we have some lemonade please?
Server: Sure! *returns with carafe of clear liquid*
Me & B: *each take a sip*
B: Hmmm...that's interesting lemonade. I like it. Kind of tastes like...
Me: It's Sprite

It is snowing in Switzerland and we are freezing our little behinds off. Also, even though it has been three weeks, I was still caught off guard today when someone told me they had spoken to my husband. My who?!

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Anonymous said...

Yes, yes! But WHERE`are you in Switzerland? Those of us about to arrive for a skiing holiday could be made happy by knowing there is SOME snow, somewhere!