Thursday, November 11, 2004

Smile, you'll feel better

About a year ago, I started a list of "Things that make me smile." I've updated this list over time adding little events or funny moments as they've happened so that I could look back on it later. Today I went back to this list and added one more item. After adding the new memory, I read over everything that I had written down previously and my spirits were completely lifted. I sat at my computer and smiled just rethinking all of the funny moments that I would have otherwise forgotten. In some ways, I wish that I had created this list years ago because I am sure there are things that have slipped my mind, but simply being reminded about them, could completely change my day around. Everyone should have a "Things that make me smile" list. Try it!

1 comment:

Graham said...

And now I have a list, too. Yay! Thanks for the idea.