Wednesday, November 17, 2004


Don't buy things from far away places that you can only return at the store you bought from. I bought a coat from an outlet store in Napa a couple of months ago, that I have been meaning to return for awhile now. Due to the countless amount of weddings and wedding related things I have been involved with the past couple of months, I haven't had a free weekend to make the trek up to Napa just to return the darn thing. Since this past weekend was my free weekend between weddings, I decided I would go to Napa for a visit and to finally return the coat.

One of my friends knew a little local cafe that served really good brunch with ginormous portions. The breakfast plates, were literally 11 sausages, 3 eggs, hashbrowns, and toast....heart attack on a platter. I didn't order the sausage platter but something equally as big and actually finished the entire plate. Normally, I can't eat very much before I get full so we were all amazed at how I managed to fit all of that food into my body. While eating, my friend asked me again why I wanted to head up to Napa just to go to the outlets, and I mentioned that I mostly came to return the coat. That was when Bertrand asked me, 'Did you remember to bring it?'

We woke up early on our only free weekend, drove all the way up to Napa, energized ourselves with a ton of food, and I forgot to bring the coat. Blah.

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