Friday, March 14, 2003

Nearing the end...

Almost more quarter....and then I'm FREE!!! Wahoo....yippee!!! But before I celebrate too early, I need to survive the next week of finals. I need to strap myself to the chair and that I can pass my classes and move on to my fun filled spring quarter. Ahh....I think that is what keeps me going....just thinking about how much fun next quarter will be. Spring quarter is always a blast and so much fun. It must be the beautiful weather and the sun that seems to make everyone just a little bit happier. I can feel spring coming...and I am so excited. But, not only am I excited for sping quarter because of the weather, but it will be my very first relaxing quarter of my entire college career. I have survived four years of engineering courses (almost) and finally get to relax. I'm going to be taking...Aerobics, golf, management, two nutrition classes, and Computer Security (my very last engineering class). Sounds like a lot of classes yes...but combined add up to only 14 units. Ahh...the .5 units for PE classes. :) In the meantime, winter quarter is still calling me, and the next week will consist only of studying for finals.

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