Wednesday, April 13, 2011

30 before 30

With only 4 months left until I turn the big 3-0, I've finally decided to finish writing my 30 before 30 list and share them. Follow along as I try to do the little things I've always wanted to do before saying goodbye to my 20s.

1. Plant my own vegetable garden  (4/2011)
2. Run a mile without stopping to walk or smell the flowers (8/2011)
3. Fly a kite with the kids (7/2011)
4. Build a sand castle with my babies (yay! - 8/2011)
5. Make photo albums of our vacations over the last 2 years
6. Watch all the Godfather movies
7. Learn to cook a real Vietnamese dish and actually do it (7/2011)
8. Learn to cut a mango without slicing my hand off  (5/2011)
9. Create, Teach, Do, Record a dance routine with my little girl, Kylie
10. Have a girl’s day out with my Mamma (4/2011 - Cirque Du Soleil : Quidam)
11. Read a new trilogy/book series (3/2011 - Hunger Games. Loved it!)
12. Teach the twins to count to 20 in 4 different languages (8/2011)
13. Learn to play and memorize a new song on the piano
14. Have a family campout in our backyard (Did even better, we did real camping! 7/2011)
15. Have a vase of freshly cut flowers from my own garden (7/2011)
16. Do a jigsaw puzzle (5/2011)
17. Go to a wax museum (8/2011 - kids were freaked out!)
18. Go to the driving range again and dust off my golf clubs
19. Make fresh squeezed lemonade with lemons I pick myself (4/2011)
20. Do a real push-up (5/2011)
21. Do a pull-up (8/2011)
22. Get grape bubble gum and blow the biggest possible bubble I can (4/19/2011 - Went all the way over my nose!)
23. Take the kids sledding  (3/2011)
24. Eat a beignet (4/2011)
25. Learn how to change a tire
26. Drink a whole bottle of wine. By myself. (8/2011 - oh boy)
27. Pay for a stranger’s cup of coffee (8/2011)
28. Play my favorite childhood board games: Connect 4, Battleship (sunk!), Monopoly (7/2011)
29. Learn to make crepes (7/2011)
30. Learn to skip a rock on water (Even got this on video. woot. 8/2011)


greentimemusic said...

Where is go to see Quidem with Mark Green? :)

Christine said...

i'm down to do a few of those with you! ... drink wine? play some board games? go for a run? i can teach you to skip a rock on water!! anything for my froggy ;D when we starting ?

kimbalina said...

Tine - let's do it! Next lunch date = skipping rocks lesson!