Tuesday, December 22, 2009

so spoiled

I have been fortunate enough that basically my entire adult career, I have been completely and utterly spoiled by my employers.  The companies I've worked for have had the motto of "work hard. play hard." and to both, I can do quite well.

Along with the "regular" perks of movies, trips, warm meals, cool gadgets etc. there are also a few other "perks".  If the kitchen doesn't have something you really want? Just ask for it, and pretty much soon thereafter, tadaa!

A friend and I went out shopping during lunch one day and we stopped at Williams Sonoma to pick up some gifts for Christmas.  And that...is when it happened. I smelled the peppermint hot chocolate. Mammas. And then after I tried it? I was hooked.  That was some good fancy hot chocolate there! The taste and the smell lingered with me back to the office where I made my special request for peppermint hot chocolate.  Later that day, one of the guys came to my desk and told me he looked all over and couldn't find any peppermint hot chocolate so he got me some hot chocolate and some peppermint syrup to make one. Great! And then...I mentioned how I had seen some at Williams Sonoma.  An hour later, he walked by my desk waving a bag from Williams Sonoma.


And now, I am sitting here sipping on the most yummy peppermint hot chocolate ever.



ThomasHan said...

so this is how one recruits, nice nice :-)

Jet said...
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