Wednesday, October 01, 2008

excuse me, what's this?

While hanging out with our neighbors out in front of our house, one of the little neighborhood girls came and stood next to me and held my hand.  Then she started to lean on me and used her free hand to rub my belly. Soon after, I felt a tug on my arm and heard a little voice repeatedly say, "excuse me. excuse me."  I smiled and looked down, "yes?" And then she uses her belly rubbing hand and points and says, "excuse me. what is this?" and points at the belly.  I told her, "those are babies" she tilted her head, said "oh!" and then ran off to play again.

What if I was just fat...?


SteveR. said...

If you were fat couldn't you reply to the girl, "it's my tummy" ?

She'd probably reply that your tummy is big. Then you could just tell her that everyone is different.

mishijishi said...

What a delightful little story. :-) I see how it might be offensive, but that little girl sure acted adorably ;)

kimbalina said...

it was absolutely adorable! =)