Tuesday, July 15, 2008

do you enjoy beef snacks?

Our local food lab occasionally calls me for some taste tests for new products. Today, I got a call from a lady there asking a few questions to see what studies I qualified for.
Lady: Are you available on Wednesday, July 28th?
Me: Do you mean Monday the 28th?
Lady: No, Wednesday the 28th.
Me: The 28th is a Monday....
Lady: Oh. I'm sorry. Are you available Tuesday, the 29th?

Lady: Do you enjoy beef snacks?
Me: What are beef snacks?
Lady: I'm not sure....do you eat beef jerky?
Me: Yes, occasionally I do.
Lady: Do you eat beef sticks?
Me: Excuse me?
Lady: Beef sticks. I don't know how they are different from beef jerky, but do you like beef sticks?
Me: I don't think so.
Lady: Hmm....now read this part outloud....oops! Sorry, I was supposed to read that to myself.
after a few more questions for the next 5 minutes....
Lady: Thank you ma'am but you do not qualify for our studies.


sarbear said...

kimmy, this is so funny that i had to have my mom read it too! we were laughing so hard:) i especially love how you didnt quailfy cause i have soooo been there before...they ask you q's for the longest time and then find out that you arent what they are looking for.

ThomasHan said...

oh my goodness.. I literally LOL in my office. You gotta stop doing that to me, others are finding me weird!

btw - congrats, smirk, smirk :-)

Anonymous said...

I hate when that happens. but when it happens to me they like to call in the middle of dinner. What's up with that?

Anyways, funny story thanks for sharing.

Hùng said...

It's funny
Thanks for sharing

encantadora said...

Oh wow! You would think they'd at least interview the interviewers. : )